Harnessing the brain’s restorative power

Every day at Cognito I am inspired by our potential to help millions of patients living with neurodegenerative diseases via our breakthrough medical device. Building on three decades of MedTech experience, this is the most rewarding chapter of my career.

Kim Kwan, VP of Engineering

In my 20+ years in clinical research, I have never been more hopeful about a treatment. This novel treatment has the potential to dramatically improve outcomes for people worldwide who are suffering from the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s disease

Celine Houser, VP of Clinical Operations

Having worked on the foundational science underlying many of today’s leading Alzheimer’s treatments, I’m incredibly excited by the potential of Cognito’s novel mechanism and the promise of fundamentally changing the trajectory of the disease

Mihály Hajós, Chief Scientific Officer

I spent a substantial part of my career at some of the largest tech and medical device companies in the world. But at Cognito, I’m honored to have the chance to bring a novel product to patients who could realize a much-needed boost to how we treat a devastating disease like Alzheimer's

Jennifer Newberger, VP of Regulatory & Compliance
Mission & Vision

We’re advancing the field of neuromodulation to create novel therapeutics that improve the lives of patients living with neurodegenerative diseases.

Watch to learn how our proprietary precision neuromodulation treatment works.

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Our Novel Platform

Introducing our novel platform for neurodegenerative disease

Our investigational medical device delivers non-invasive neuromodulation with the potential to improve outcomes in a range of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

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Our Pipeline

Leveraging our platform across multiple neurodegenerative diseases.



Alzheimer’s Disease


MCI - Alzheimer’s Disease


Parkinson’s Disease - Dementia


Multiple Sclerosis


Ischemic Stroke



Early Clinical

Pivotal Clinical

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