Mihaly Hajos

Mihály Hajós

Chief Scientific Officer

Mihaly Hajos is Chief Scientific Officer at Cognito Therapeutics. In his role, he oversees preclinical research and translational medicine related to Alzheimer’s disease. He has keen interest in biomarkers, as translational research tools as well as markers providing insight to mode of action of Cognito’s treatment in patients. He is also exploring additional therapeutic applications for sensory gamma stimulation and for developing it as personalized treatment based on patients’ neurophysiological characteristics. He held positions in both academic and industrial drug discovery, including University of Oxford, Pfizer, and Biogen. Currently, he is professor adjunct at Yale University School of Medicine, and he chairs the Alzheimer’s Association Electrophysiology Professional Interest Area. He enjoys classical music and traveling. He received his PharmD degree at Szent-Gyorgyi Medical University, Hungary, and his PhD at University of Gothenburg, Sweden.