The Founders

Ed boyden
Ed Boyden


Li huei tsai
Li-Huei Tsai


Meet the team

Brent Vaughan
Brent Vaughan

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Megerian Sq
Tom Megerian

Chief Medical Officer

Mihaly Hajos
Mihály Hajós

Chief Scientific Officer

Everett Crosland
Everett Crosland

Chief Commercial Officer

Zach Malchano
Zach Malchano

Chief R&D Officer, President

Divya Cohen

Vice President, Product

Sean Gregory

Vice President, Health Economics & Market Access

Celine Houser
Celine Houser

Vice President, Clinical Operations

Kim Kwan
Kim Kwan

Vice President, Research & Development

Jennifer Newberger
Jennifer Newberger

Vice President, Regulatory & Compliance

Kimberly ha
Kimberly Ha

PR & Investor Relations

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